Spendthrift is a curious, interesting name, just like the brand that hides between its letters. Its meaning, “big spender” is almost a provocation, an anti-crisis antidote that looks to stimulate and reawaken the desire for creativity. During a dinner at Montecarlo, the idea launch a 100% Italian-made brand came about and then yes, became into being. Federico Cancelli and Marco Cuccagna, two Umbrian friends who have always been passionate about Art, founded their brand Spendthrift in 2013.It’s an innovative, young and dynamic project that never fears growth or evolution. Streetwear that’s able to distinguish itself with determination and quality, playing its winning cards right away. Their brand has been made known on the web and other platforms. The famous Spendthrift T-shirts immediately caught the eyes of fashion experts, indeed because the true must-have, the key piece of their creations, the point from which everything began was and is, the T-shirt. The T-shirt and its transformations. A white canvas on which to write and freely express new style codes. All the power of the simplicity of this basic, casual garment blends in originality with colours and creative dynamism, communicative in the graphics used. A viral, ironic, recognisable and desired garment! Pop, rock, and hipster influences give life to a gallery of prints and personalities that strike the eye, also exploiting Trompe l’Oeil effects. Art and culture peep out everywhere, reinterpreted with contemporaneity and avant-garde.Federico and Marco don’t stop here, however. On the line are not only black or white T-shirts with negative print graphics, but also sweatshirts, jackets, accessories and the incorporation of knitwear typical to Umbria, the region where Spendthrift was born. A new urban streetwear, not immune to tailoring or vintage lines; an unconventional luxury that’s always mindful about design, wearability and quality of textiles and manufacture, is all seasoned with that healthy Italian manufacture, a guarantee of exclusive products and excellence. Spendthrift garments are in fact produced in the best Italian hand-manufacture laboratories.In their Spring-Summer 2019 collection, Spendthrift looks far ahead. Their inspirations this time come from native America, from their history, adventures and travels: this is all reflected in geopolitical graphics, in shipping barcodes and in expressions of multiculturalism. Alongside the more street garments reside shapes and textures that contradict and dismantle it. The parka in reflex, the camouflage jacket, and the basketball jersey in transparent polyamide that’s designed to emphasise the underlying print even more. Spendthrifts’ creations are dedicated to all young enterprisers who live outside the norms, who love freedom and Art in all its expressions. Discover and choose your Spendthrift item here!