TMR_RSO is the young brand of handmade bags by Tamara Roso. The name of her project derives from broken pieces of her name, then joined together to create the creative and experimental space where shapes move freely among clean lines and minimal cuts. Leather and material are Tamara Rosa’s first loves: the constructions, working processes and tactility are all integral parts of the creative process activated by hand manufacture.Passionate about illustration and manual techniques, the designer settled down to try her own thing after many years of experience in the field of artistic direction, having worked for various brands. She decided to learn the craft, to study hand manufacturing methods day by day with a master in Verona, then continued to produce a project that would carry her name in its heart and its Art. TMR_RSO was born in 2014, together with Tamara Roso’s unique, timeless leather accessories. The key word is simplicity, the adjective that best distinguishes TMR_RSO bags. In this way they’re perfect, without a single unnecessary accent or detail. All that we need, all that’s enough. A balance of easy-to-wear volumes and geometries to combine with every look; but it’s not that easy to create. How does the saying go? Less is more.TMR_RSO accessories are exclusive, they go great anywhere and make us feel good. Comfortable and functional, they top genre and category charts with their classiness and cleanliness. Neither masculine or feminine, alike to him in their rigour, alike to her in their comfort. Inside, there’s no space for redundancy but only a sophisticated abundance…of style! Daughters of designs, cuts, research, stitching and extenuating hours of manual labour. TMR_RSO bags are preciously soft to the touch, stimulating in their perfume, fascinating in their colours, and with their texture are destined to grow and age with us. The leather used is naturally tanned and made in Italy, just as is the entire production chain. For info & contact