ANYMUS on wwwTriquetra is born of love for the land of Sicily told through intriguing paths olfactory essences that reveal the intimacy of a place, spiritual evocations. Artistic fragrances which deviate from the trends and favoring the uniqueness of emotions, always different, that stimulate in each of us. And with Triquetra olfactive art mixes with visual art, skilfully sublimated from the packaging of high artistic craftsmanship that refer to paintings by Salvatore Caputo, painter and artist from Palermo who worked on the project.

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Triquetra is a project born from a common passion, that of a group of people for their land: a Sicilian painter who works for half a century on the landscape; a "Maître Parfumeur" that translates the inspirations in fragrances; a photographer refined and unconventional; a journalist inspired by the spirituality and mysticism. A creative journey that has thrilled and also involved Franco Battiato whom he dedicated to Triquetra a short video on his idea of the perfume and especially he has been involved in trials of the formula and to the creation of the olfactory pyramid of Mystico, the third fragrance, blending its memories and its olfactory experiences.

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The first fragrance created by Triquetra is Animus, a perfume strong and mysterious, a balance of opposites in which notes of citrus and fresh accents are surrounded by wood and incense in a heady trip between archaic and contemporary. In Anymus La Sera fig leaves mingle with broom, it follows an agreement that hides an enveloping fresh and sensual base of sandalwood and amber. The third fragrance, Mystico, is the spirituality of a land protagonist of stories and legends of the sacred and the profane, and this is characterized by explosive spicy slowly damped by cypress and smoky wood Agar. Soon it will be released a limited edition of Mystico accompanied a note handwritten by Franco Battiato whom he participated in the creation of this fragrance.

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