Who is On Next? Donna 2017 Act n°1, Cora, Davide Grillo, Marco Rambaldi, Minimal To, Taller Marmo for clothing and Amanti, Andrea Mondin, Damiano Marini, Marco Proietti, Nicogiani, Roberto di Stefano for accessories. They are the protagonists of the very famous edition Who Is On Next? Donna 2017, on stage, or better on the Altaroma, catwalk, next July 7 at Guido Reni District.

The fashion scouting devoted to the research and valorisation of the young talents of fashion Made in Italy, organized by Altaroma in collaboration with Vogue Italia, returns with all its innovative force to revitalize Rome as a novelty laboratory and creative propulsion, promoted internationally thanks also To the support of the Agency - Rome Agency and its offices abroad. Twelve names, twelve brands. Twelve faces, twelve profiles. In common? The desire to leave the sign, or perhaps the signature in Fashion Land! But let's get to know it a bit closer ...

For the clothing section: Act n°1 as ... first act, childhood, inspiration then became the plot of the women's clothing brand founded in Reggio Emilia in 2016 by Luca Lin and Gabin Gasanov. And it is just in the early stages of their lives that the two designers turn, look at, capture the details of a home, the memories of a style, the ancient Chinese art or Arzebaijan. Cora is precious. Yes, in fact, the triumph of prints and the luxury of the materials are the characteristics of the brand of Clara Giaquinto, the creator of a sophisticated but contemporary woman, careful not to pass ever elegantly unnoticed. Davide Grillo, a few years old and already a suitcase full of experiences. From Central Saint Martins in London, the Nafa Fur Studio in Toronto to our craftsmanship.

Around the world, around "fashion". Since 2016, father of his own brand, seals on tradition and handcrafted tailoring. Marco Rambaldi and Bologna, central to his collections. Commissions, great classics cleared and rethought for a femininity made of balance rather than compromise, boldness as rationality. Minimal To: Elisa Mazza, Danilo Olivieri, Stefano Sberze. Three minimal designers, but only in style, certainly not in the character. Clean and precise cut designs handmade clothes, mirror of a society and an evolving woman. Taller Marmo by Riccardo Audisio and Yago Goicoechea is day, evening, memory, modernity. Alternative ready-to-wear made by Italian Spanish creativedesign "marble lab", generator of an explosive mix with stylish shades. And then accessories with: Amanti ... of America, of European capitals, of unknown cultures. Also, but not only. Amanti ... of bags. A design vocation found in Indonesia, the desire to design an authentic object, the charm of a knit intertwined with the rigor of Made in Italy.

Andrea Mondin, how beautiful the world is from here. Hyperfeminine heights and virtuous details are the features of a luxury shoe that really knows something. Damiano Marini, to have everyone at your feet. Heavily attractive heels, obsession for details, the grace of a woman who does not give up being strong. Marco Proietti and the proportions of the contrast. It is a long love story that binds to what will become his profession, which as a child has led him to explore the "steps" of fashion. Iconic, energetic, definitely glamorous models. NicoGiani,florentine brand newborn designed by Nicolò Giannini. Bag ... what a passion! Colorful and gritty geometries but delicate heart. Roberto di Stefano the style of ... bag. The quality? An actor and not an appearance. The taste? A component and not a variable. Textures, elaborated workmanship, determined lines to stand out in products far from any banality. The cutting edge is sharp, the tangible experimentation. Welcoming the future ... next the next: Who Is On Next? Donna 2017

Credit Photo: Altaroma, A. D'Addessi - G. Palma / Luca Sorrentino / F. Fior - S. Dragone