Woobag, the craft bags created in the small workshop Officina nr3 and now present in the most important stores and in the most renowned trade fairs, such as White, Super or Mode in Shanghai. Two young architects from Treviso, a passionate love for design, a great desire to experiment and play with materials. Here are some ingredients of the Woobag creative mix. For a long time active in the field of interior design, surrounded and inspired by art, artisans, artists and craftsmanship, the two founders of the Woobag brand Sara Da Dalt and Sheila Pierobon decide to combine their ideas together in a unique and innovative project: making bags starting from the wood, working it through a long process and combining it with the leather. Result? New and exclusive creations that revolutionize the concept of luxury with the use of natural and original materials.Founded in 2015 Officina nr3 is a research, avant-garde, contemporary house: the study of textures, the choice of essences, the light of colors ... here the Woobags take shape and volume, pieces in real soft wood and minimal style that change and they age with time and people. Each bag is unique in its kind, hand-packed by Italian master craftsmen.From veins to essences to details and its reflections, everything is unrepeatable, everything is equal only to itself. The versatility of wood becomes the protagonist of this accessory brand that prefers clean lines, clean models and inspired by the minimalism of modern interior design, the background from which Sara and Sheila come from.The Fall - Winter 2018/19 collection is inspired by the cold shades of winter but also by warm materials such as wool with which they mix with the leather. Mahogany, zebrano, maple, ash ... many and precious varieties of basic wood for artistic products of the highest quality. And in addition to the geometric clutch bag or shopper, backpacks and classic models now presented in different colors, enriched with details and precious metal details, the latest collection makes room for Macaron bag, small rounded bag that can be carried by hand or shoulder , a design object for a really special outfit. For info woobag.it