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Antonella Morgillo, born in Caserta in the 80ies, is founder and designer of the self-name inspired brand. The Barbonic origins and the artisan history of her landscape have developed in her a strong love and passion for handmade decorations. After completing her studies at Instituto d’arte di San Leucio, she moved to Milan to get her master at NABA. She then started working in the studios of Italian brand Romeo Gigli, specializing, meanwhile, in the artisanal sector of accessories that brought her to collaborate with Ermenegildo Zegna, Fratelli Rossetti, Mila Shon brands and many others in Milan. Filled with experience, knowledge and practical skills Antonella finally creates her brand. Originality, detail and creativity give birth to never meaningless creations. Antonella is constantly searching for something new but with a strong and sincere connection to traditions and the glorious past of her land. Past and present, hand in hand, is the meaning center of her work: the world is changing and goes through the new but always according and shaking a hand to the past. Better if it was glorious. Antonella Morgillo head creations are made for modern women, expression of freedom and strong personality, enriched by accessories. All the materials used tell of a story that inspire a brand new concept of fashion accordingly to the excellence of Italian manifacturing. Hats portfolio is part of a dream: frame beauty and memories, accessories and women creativity turn into a binomial path. Hats become part of a “no time space” but with a defined and bold identity: it is the deal in between historical craftsmanship and women freedom.