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Aru Eyewear is a start-up born with the intent of making glasses with a unique character through precious materials and special handcrafted techniques. The distinctive notes of the brand are quality, innovation and craftsmanship. The Italian craftsmanship, with a timeless style, through shapes and lines inspired by the past made and revisited in a contemporary key, assisted by innovative technologies give life to the brand models, designed, engineered and manufactured, entirely in Italy. Some other valuble features of the brand are also perceived in the case, a small blue leather pouch, with the unmistakable triangular logo in the centre, also handmade in Italy. Aru Eyewear wants to be the ally of life for those who, wearing the impresive Italian style, preferring exclusive fashion accessories rich in design, refined and easy to wear, want to detach from the mass but instead they want to share that “luxury must be whispered, not shouted”.