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The “Chiara Daverio” brand was born from the desire to preserve one of the most recognized Italian manufacturing excellences in the world: the leather industry. The Company is based in Milan, not by chance: this vibrant city is a constant inspiration and source of new ideas for the brand. It takes its name from the young designer Chiara, who creates the brand style trying to develop products that, starting from classic and tradition, convey a new idea of “out of the box streetwear”. The creations are realized with fine manufactured calfskin that conveys to the handbags its trademark of elegance and excellence. The element of originality is represented by the combination of other fabrics and leathers which confer a fresh element even to a classic style. Like the silk inserts, where the variety and fantasy of colors is there to create playful matches and contrasts. All these elements, combined together with a young and fresh style, create a unique product that is recognizable at the first sight.