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Clemsa is a patented brand born from an original thesis idea in the Product Design field devised by Sabrina Clementi. It is made of three souls: fashion, art and interior design. The porpose was to create a wearable upholstery, o build up this project, Sabrina Clementi studied and compared different geographic cultures, their way of producing objects and their figurative languages, finding out that there is a very similar way of expression in the textile artifacts made in different places and in different times. The study focused on textile surfaces belonging to some nomadic communities that can be used with extreme simplicity and versatility as a “home” or as a garment. In September 2012, the patented waving technique – hand made and adapted on different fabrics – gave life to fashion accessories and objects of interior design that synthesize in one soul handicraft and love for fabric. In Clementi’s words, a “textile craft”. All the accessories by Clemsa are connected by a handcraftmanship that origins in the past but is carried on by a modern soul that gives life to a unique product entirely Made in Italy.