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Corium was born in Solofra (AV), fulcrum of the tanning in the region of Campania , distinguishing itself in the choice and processing of the most precious and sought after leathers destined for marketing on the national territory and international, faithful to the concept of Made in Italy. From here the creation of the Corium Hub brand. A line of leather clothing with a refined taste. A leather that becomes romantic as natural and eco- sustainable material, with a soft touch that lends itself to new experiments. The brand models become fluids, natural and sought-after colors but the soul keeps its identity provocative with the revisitation of the biker and rock. "Corium, your second skin”

Opium Sleeveless Trench


Claudette Sleeveless Trench


Virginia Trench


Chantal Dress


Shary Dress


Mindy Short


Odette Trench


Darla Long Leather Dress


Lola Leather Biker Jacket


Mabel Leather Biker Jacket


Lizzie Leather Biker Jacket


Tekla Leather Jumpsuit


Zedda Sleeveless Trench


Zaia Leather Longuette Skirt


Zeny Leather Biker Jacket