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Elisabetta Boitani was born in the Eternal City and here she founded her jewelry brand which bears her name. Her love for the arts and jewelry inspired her to quit her job in the corporate world and devote herself to her true passion: jewelry. After prolonged studies under highly skilled jewelry instructors where she learned several handmaking techniques, and multiple work experiences in the sector, she founded her brand. Elisabetta Boitani’s creations are designed and entirely hand-crafted with the lost-wax casting, also called cire-perdue, an ancient process that allows the materials to blend perfectly, creating contemporary geometries that often allude to the past. In her laboratory in Rome, she creates jewelry that is a perfect fusion of silver, bronze, stones, and natural pearls, which, used in all their shades, make each creation unique. The care and precision that Elisabetta Boitani puts into the entire process of her collections – from design, to production, to packaging – give her jewelry an exclusive and sophisticated appearance.