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Fuscra is born from the desire to create unique accessories with unusual materials by converging a sophisticated design, a minimalist beauty and a sustainable ethic. Style, aesthetics and the quality of wearable sculptures: this is Fuscra. Handbags entirely handmade, made with a natural material, wood, which, thanks to an innovative production process becomes a great alternative to leather. The brand creations are born from a pure passion for nature that thanks to  great skill become collectible  and valuable pieces. “This tale began a few years ago when I decided to tell a simple story and offer it to all those who like me love simple, beautiful and unique things. The products stand out for their unique and inimitable history, because each bag is a sculpture, every wood has its own fragrance, its vein, its color and its softness, every bag is something alive, natural. The unmistakable concept of wearable architecture is within every creation of the label. Each bag is forged by hand, carved to make each product rare and unrepeatable. True small jewelry box of Nature. The  wood, such a noble and ancient material, is transformed and enhanced with ecological glues and solvents to ensure a unique tactile and olfactory experience.