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Anagram of everyday, Irevedì is a brand of handmade bags featuring luxury details and finishes. It’s a world in which beauty, practicality and consciousness coexist. The Irevedì collections are born with this DNA, a balance between beauty and functionality, masculine and feminine, elegance and versatility, leather and fabric. The project was born in Florence, where the team works with passion surrounded by the beauty and art of this region. Irevedì wants to promote the alchemy that arises from the encounter between tradition and innovation, ancient and modern, craftsmanship and technology: it selects the materials from small artisan producers supporting local realities that preserve ancient traditions handing them down from generation to generation. Irevedì is also love for nature and natural things. Nature as a synonym of beauty. The designers create linear and elegant bags, for free and dynamic spirits, which minimize the environmental impact. In fabrics, leathers and packaging, solutions aesthetically beautiful, but absolutely eco-conscious, always take priority.