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    MA VIE
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Ma Vie was born from the desire of three young women to create an ethical and sustainable, fresh and innovative clothing brand. A slow fashion that follows an ethic of intelligent consumption and a timeless style. Indeed, from production to printing, items are made mostly with sustainable fabrics, adhering to the ethics of smart consumption. This first small Ma Vie collection is inspired by iconic women, by their power and their bravery, by women who knew how to change things, by women who made a difference. Ma Vie has chosen textiles such as Bamboo, Nettle, Hemp, GOTS-certified Silk, and recycled Polyester. Ma Vie has used the latest in printing technology for many of its items, including Green Drop printing which uses pigmented colours with an extremely low environmental impact and without needlessly wasting water. Each stage of production takes place in Italy and the Ma Vie brand is in close contact with all its collaborators, from illustrators to tailors, from suppliers to printers. Each of them is a fundamental link for the perfect realization of this Italian project.