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Mafalde bags born as a luxury bags brand in the heart of Tuscany with a clear goal in mind: offer amazing products however conserving and at the same time bringing traditional artisanal’s technics on another level. In fact any single bag can be realised only hand made by expert artisans and require a long complex process, that’s something we don’t want to lose, because this is what we call luxury and what make it special. Another special thing we’re trying to do is to create new techniques for treat fabrics with leather or other materials in order to get modern and contemporary shapes, something we are proud off and you’ll hardly see around. Our bags are obviously done using the best material our region can offer but always keeping an eye open regarding respect for environment. Where Mafalde bags find the inspiration and why we want to do that? The answer is simple: around us. The beautiful land we live in, the country side, the cities is all we need for that but this is also not enough cause we want you feel it on your self. We want you can taste the real Tuscany’s life style through the bag. This is an hard task and in order to achieve it we decided to take a path where the key words are: hard work, modern design and no compromises. We hope to be able to meet your expectations, bag by bag, collection by collection but for now just enjoy your Mafalde bags.