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Maison Dressage is a project built by the designer-duo Rossella Mancini and Matteo Dazzo. Inspired by architectural geometry, minimalist aesthetics and the undeniable quality of equestrian harnesses; bags and backpacks, handcuffs, body harnesses, and garments are made to dress the sophisticated, up-to-date individual. Different materials such as wood, brass and high-quality textiles merge to contrast and complement the smoothness of leather, while precise cuts and clear lines reflect geometrical sumptuousness and elegance. All pieces are designed and handcrafted in the atelier located in Trieste with guided by the utmost care to detail. With an extreme dedication to ethical fashion, the leather tanned used in the maing process has been chosen exclusively in Italy, in fact only tannins of vegetable originare used and handled according to centuries-old techniques. Assuring both high-quality and sustainability, each of leather pieces is certified by The Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium.

Trapézist Beltbag


Altera Bracelet O-ring


Roissy Cuff


Less Is Bag Bite Pochette


Less Is Bag Finger Pochette


Altera Collar O-ring


Halfjill Collar


Roissy Collar


Halfjill Overbust


Halfjill Harness


Altera Backpack


Less Is Bag Big


Trapézion Bag Slim


Trapézion Bag


Oktagona Bag


Less Is Bag Slim