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Maizena is born in Vicenza, near Arzignano, which is one of the most famous tanning districts in Italy. Thanks to closeness to leather production and artisan culture, Maizena's background is made of experience, craftmanship and innovation. "We are very proud of the values of our Country, but we are also convinced that it is very important to appreciate other cultures and habits and let them influence us and our products." All these elements, together with a passionate attitude for fashion and style, created Maizena. Maizena's purpose is to create unique products, handmade using only top-quality raw materials. "We are proud to produce our bags in Italy. We aim to export our products all over the World, as we think that our YUMA Bag is very versatile and can be perfect for many occasions and many different types of people: young and fashion addicted, managers, businesswomen, and many others. Our customers love fashion and luxury products and are always looking for something new and original."