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The new luxury between femininity and timeless elegance. Martina Bavaro gently revolutionizes the concept of luxury starting from simplicity and elegance, redesigning the classic pieces of the female wardrobe thus rediscovering a new fresh and delicate tailoring. The designer strongly believes in the beauty that only the true Made in Italy can convey, through the skillful tailoring and the quality of fabrics. Fundamental and essential element of the brand is the search for a new feminine elegance that the designer herself defines as "serene luxury", a luxury that is never ostentatious but made of small details and a well-defined identity; the women imagined by the designer don’t need excesses to get noticed. Theirs is a beauty that goes beyond the most ephemeral fashions which must be understood and therefore eternally recognizable. The lines recall the classic shapes but the Martina Bavaro garments have an absolutely contemporary style in which the wearability never forces the body, giving an unexpected and very pleasant comfort designed for the modern woman.