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Mhudi is a brand founded in 2013 emerging thanks to a formula that has been proved successful: to apply un humble philosophy to the greatest goals focusing on the research and on the enhance of know-how, culture and peculiar craft skills that Italy still boasts all over the world. Since the beginning of the project, the designer and founder Mami FP. promotes one of the primary values ​​of Mhudi: the Made in Italy manifacture. The soul of the product and the identity of the brand are to be found in the typical and distinct item of the brand, the turban, one of the most cosmopolitan and ethnic headgear in the world. This is the designer’s ambitious project which is translated in the raw materials, manufacturing and research. There is a great attention to the mix of prints, the stylistic contrasts between male and female, giving an unforgettable taste of old and contemporary along her creations. Those little imperfections of craftsmanship make Mhudi unique. The creations are the perfect example of the fashion designer’s lifestyle, transmitting a balanced image of a dreaming woman with a romantic soul and timeless elegance.