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The Fire of Love gives life to MON Beyourowngod, a made in Italy brand founded in 2020. MON teaches us to honor life, to investigate the deepest parts of ourselves to discover the world with new eyes. MON brings out the Light that springs from Peace with our shadows. MON is the Beauty hidden in change. MON is Discovering that we ourselves are that truth we are looking for. MON is our sacred space. It is a magical gift of Light and Beauty to our wonderful body. It is a thank you to ourselves. Each MON Talisman is a wish for Love, Light, Beauty, Abundance. MON wishes you Healing and Rebirth to recognize yourself, emanate your Light, express your Value. “Draco Collection” represents the defeat of the Dragon inside ourselves, which leads us to accept our deepest and darkest sides creating Power, Love and Light. When you wear Ouroborus and Pentacle, icon of Eternity and Regeneration, they wish you Protection, Prosperity and experiences of Self-transformation. “Ignis Collection” is the flame inside ourselves, our Sun, the light of our Soul that wants to be reawakened and fired up by Love. The Cross represents Balance, where Spirit and Substance meet, our Eternal Center, our Heart. These Magic Charms are a sacred gesture meant to honour our Body and our Soul.