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Massimo Scirè and Alessandro Baiera are the founders of the Monegai brand. The brand was born in 2021 from the common desire to create a collection of bags with sophisticated lines, quality leathers and a strong identity, where hand-made and well-made represent its soul, combining the mastery of local craftsmanship with the charm of a timeless design and contemporary design. Monegai uses only Italian leather (never exotic) and works with competent partners who, like us, believe in the value of working towards a truly sustainable economy for man and the environment. Monegai makes every effort to reduce the production of any waste as much as possible and to use materials that are easily recyclable and reusable. Monegai is committed every day to promoting ethical and sustainable practices. Monegai wants its customers to feel proud and aware that they have purchased a product made and marketed with minimal environment impact.