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Munamer by Chiara Taffarello means ease, confidence, freshness, originality, and femininity. Munamer comes from “muna”, Arabic word for “desire” or “wish”, while “mer” means “sea” in French, so “Munamer” means “sea desire”. The whole brand uses only high quality fabric, printed and manifactured in a small atelier near Ancona called Dolcevita and gets inspiration from nature, flowers, beaches and landscapes, mixed with the elegance and femininity of Islamic geometrics and arabesque writing. Chiara comes from Treviso, near Venice. In 2006 she graduated as a fashion designer in Milan. Since then Chiara has worked as a denim and casualwear designer and has travelled to many parts of the world to do research. However, while she was in Pakistan she had the chance to learn about the Muslim culture and there she noticed that Muslim women were not comfortable with going into the water because they didn’t have suitable swimwear. Some wore dark-coloured burkinis, quite the opposite of their kurtas or other daytime clothes, which were sophisticated and full of vibrant colour. Her focus was now clear: she wanted to give them the opportunity to enjoy swimming, and playing with their children on the beach, while still being on trend, elegant, feminine, comfortable and, above all, modest.