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Nicole Leòn, the aesthetics conceived as a surprise, the versatile use that becomes discovery. The Nicole Leòn brand is launched by Nicole Leonardi, a designer born in Milan in 1984 who has made designing not just a passion but her very own essence. After obtaining a Master’s Degree in Design for the Fashion System at the Politecnico di Milano with a thesis project on multi-functional leather bags, Nicole is selected to participate in the Worldwide Fashion Design Student Competition in Qingdao, in the province of Beijing, along with the graduates of the most prestigious design universities in the world. Since 2006 she has been working as a designer and in the development of leather goods for brands like Marni and Colombo Via della Spiga and since 2014 she has also been working as an accessory design teacher and consultancy as a stylist in the performing art field. Each bag in the Nicole Leòn collection is dedicated to an acclaimed movie. Cinema is an art that encompasses so many arts and craftsmen, exactly like a Made in Italy collection in which the design and the great production ability interact to create a unique product. Bags interpreted as movies characters, each with personality and uniqueness. Practicality is essential, which, for the more casual lines, becomes transformability. Collections dedicated to a contemporary woman, leading character at any time of the day.