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The word “Nobahar” literally means “New Spring” and therefore indicates a rebirth, a renewal, and a regrowth. These are the foundations on which Nobahar Design was born. Each design is built from a concept and every idea is translated into an object that represents it. Nobahar Design is based on the concept of mix and match, which is the combination of tradition and innovation in every aspect: materials, design and concepts. A new way of seeing and perceiving things, of interacting with the world around us and of building unique, identifying and expressive pieces. Sogand Nobahar is not an artist, nor a designer, nor an engineer, she represent instead the right mix of all these things. Thanks to a curious and highly dynamic mentality, despite a strong interest in craftwork and a natural predisposition to painting and drawing, she decided to study mathematics. She subsequently specialized in Industrial Design in Tehran (Iran) and completed her training in design and engineering in Italy. A strongly interdisciplinary training and some following work experiences led her to create, follow and live only by her own rules and to found Nobahar Design.