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Nohea is a new, 100% Made in Italy reality of the fashion industry specialized in swimwear, underwear collections and beach accessories. Nohea was born three years ago, when a young entrepreneur from Milan together with a Bocconi graduate decided to launch on the market a new, innovative yet chic and elegant product. Nohea was born with the idea of positioning itself with a different product which could differentiate from already established brands in terms of concept, innovative pulse and attention to sustainability. The peculiarity of most of Nohea’s products is defined by the revolutionary “2 in 1”. “2 in 1” is a line of swimsuits that can be worn both as monokinis or as bikinis, depending on personal preference.  The product was designed ​to meet the needs of those active and dynamic women who desire to have fun with a water sport or other activities and, eventually, enjoy a good cocktail on the beach at sunset or take a nice tan while being kissed by the sun's rays.