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Sans Tabù means feeling free. Free to be, to dress, to play, to be yourself. The art of loving yourself is learned step by step, day by day, knowing yourself and learning to bring our true self into the world, beyond prejudices and stereotypes. At Sans Tabù we are committed to inspire people to seek out beauty without rules, helping them to express themselves and experiment through bold, timeless garments that go beyond convention. Sans Tabù is a brand that has its own point of view on the world, its own individual style that exceeds the concept of seasonal collections, because self-expression cannot be homologated and limited to the rhythms of society. Our commitment is to create evergreen and timeless products, where loungewear and streetwear blend with everyday life. Each item is a unique, certified Made in Italy garment and entirely made with the highest quality and attention to detail. With our headquarters in Milan, and manufacturing facilities in its neighboring areas, we combine history and art in a city that looks to the future. Wear what all the others dare not say, discover the art of living Sans Tabù.