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Stiliana Bellisario is a young and fresh womenswear brand that combines quality, elegance and charm. Stiliana, just graduated in Finance in London, begins her career at several multinational companies where she has the opportunity to absorb economic and business notions. Her strong determination will soon lead her to embark on a new path that focuses on her managerial skills but in particular on her creative, stylistic and design taste. And this is how Stiliana Bellisario brand was born: a trendy brand that dresses a unique and determined woman, able to stand out in any situation for her elegance and class. A classic style but at the same time young, elegant and practical; simple but full of precious details and tailoring secrets. Each garment is produced by expert hands, of the great Neapolitan tailoring. The woman who wears Stiliana Bellisario is a woman in search of perfection, impeccable, elegant and simple who does not like to be homologated and who wants to express herself between comfort and luxury, between practicality and charm.