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Stkreo was born from a creative project of Stefania Tortella, which combines a experimental approach to forms and materials, thanks to her work as an architect, to her great passion for fashion and design. In her working career, mainly focused on construction and interior designing, she developed interest in fashion design, creating objects and accessories. In 2017 she has joined the world of contemporary jewellery, pairing her passion for craftsmanship with her architect and designer skills. After experimenting with different materials and processing techniques, she defines her design identity choosing leather for her handmade jewels, making unique pieces, real contemporary ornaments, adding textures and shades of colour painted by herself. That’s why, the jewel becomes, as she calls it, a “tailoring architecture”, a set of shapes, materials and nuances in perfect harmony with the woman who wears her bijoux. Excellence and sustainability are the essence of the Stkreo brand. This is the reason why she chooses top quality leather, coming straight from the recovery of selected wasted cuts of made-in-Italy products, kept alive through sustainable production cycles, preferring vegetable tanning. In this way she gives a second life to leather by turning it into something precious. An upcycling process in which materials suggest creative inspiration. In her collection “Texture”, hand-painted with her own technique, she represents the many nuances of the woman’s soul, just like a kaleidoscope when it is crossed by the light, it reflects multiple shapes and colours, creating textures of colours that imprint themselves in the soul and stir personal emotions and vibrations. The collection “Grovigli”, instead, is inspired by the geometric figure of the spiral, an expression of circularity and continuity that is found in multiple natural elements. Organic and sinuous shapes enhance the softness of the leathers. The singular elements generate a continuous movement, expression of energy. Shapes that wrap themselves around each other in contrast to the perfection of the spirals represent the “tangle” of thoughts and emotions inherent within each woman.