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The brand YEKATERINA IVANKOVA was founded in 2017 by Yekaterina Ivankova her self, born and raised in Kazakhstan. In 2000 she moved in Italy and just three years later she has been able to complete her fashion design post diploma course at Polimoda in Florence. Her passion for Central Asia, her own culture and the magical art of handmade creations were the beginning, the starting point and the inspiration for her very first collection as an established brand. A trip to Asia in order to discover the silk, the smell, the perfumes, the culture and most important, the handmade fabrics, and in particular the Ikat fabric… Every garment that has been designed by her is a unique combination of techniques and nature. In the latest collections sustainability has been taking a huge part of the way the brand conceives any item alongside with its way to actually produce that specific clothing piece: to rework, recycle, reuse vintage garments… thi and much more to pursue the production of unique designs.