Mistery Necklace

Mistery Necklace - Ginco Collection - Khàrm Design. "When you walk, do not turn your head; when you speak, do not open your mouth; when you sit do not move your knees; when you are standing, do not shake your clothes; when you are happy do not laugh loudly; when you are angry do not raise your voice." Ancient Chinese manual. The Chinese is a woman who does not resemble others, yet in that white skin like porcelain, those modest but confident eyes, those red lips and those gathered hair, one can find the whole world. Lightness, dream, seduction, mystery. The ancient charm, but always modern of the Far East. The uncontaminated places, the pure scent of nature, the ethereal atmosphere, the looks. "Everything has a spirit and a life of its own worthy of respect." The Ginkgo Biloba, symbol of eternal rebirth is here suspension of time and space, the strength of immortality, the incessant desire for rebirth typical of the human being, of falling and getting up again, never tired of starting again. They exude inspiration and elegance, novelty and refinement, sophisticated sensuality and malice, seduction and femininity. The coolness and helplessness of Plexiglas comes to life with the warmth of natural Jade stones, creating an eclectic mix.

Misteri Necklace. "I was born to seduce, to play with femininity, which through my strong and instinctive character bewitches you and conquers you. The naivety and the malice as well as the white and the black of which I am made, collide in a play of lights and shadows. Who will win?". Harness with Black and white plexiglass elements of different sizes, cut and engraved with laser cutting technology, white coral stones, white  agate and black Swarovski crystal, white silk cord and small parts in aluminum and 14k gold filled metal.

Handcrafted products , assembled with the exclusive use of first choice materials. Any small imperfections are not to be considered a defect but a value that certifies the authenticity of the craftsmanship. Made in Italy.

  • Material : plexiglass , coral stones, agate, Swarovski crystal, silk cord, aluminum and 14k gold filled metal
  • One-of-a-kind piece
  • Handmade in Italy

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Khàrm Design is a 100% made in Italy jewellery brand founded in 2014 by Carmela Barbato. The collections designed entirely by hand by the designer are the result of a journey of exploration and research aimed at style, materials (Plexiglas, natural stones and PLA), the contamination of traditional techniques with new technologies, such as laser cutting and 3D printing and material lightness. Khàrm is the etymological study of the name Carmela, which derives from the Hebrew Chàrmel, “Garden”. A garden where you can lose yourself in asymmetrical shapes and vital colours. The microworld of the jewel becomes a sculpture that moves softly on the body. Semi-precious and plastic materials that combine art, culture and nature in an ongoing dialogue with the human body and the three-dimensional space.

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Mistery Necklace