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Love at first sight. this is the immediate feeling that pervades us in front of bags of Elena Ghisellini that was able to translate her innate passion of bringing it back on very precious leathers, cutting, sewing this through the hands of experts and eminent craftsmen with the utmost respect of the high quality of Made in Italy .

Elena Ghisellini seems to have always had very clear ideas, since young when she decided to leave Genoa, her hometown, and moved to Rome and study at the European Institute of Design. Thanks to her talent and determination, after a brief experience with Bulgari, she has previously worked for nine years for Trussardi, then for six years for Ferragamo, a period of her life absolutely important and characterized by learning traditional and cutting-edge techniques for leather processing in a rigorous but always innovation and along the path of excellence.

While pursuing still important collaborations with Emilio Pucci e Givenchy, the designer feels that the time has come to give life to her collection by linking her name to the nascent brand and the company in a city renowned for the leather and high quality of implementation: Florence. Thus it was born EG -Elena Ghisellini, a line of unique style and distinctive bags, designed to be practical, lightweight and durable, made with materials of the highest quality and with advanced techniques, from the whimsical taste, ironic, always refined.

These bags are destined to become iconic in a surprising symbolism and complicated as only women can be. And in fact this is what the designers: “All my creation must always have an unexpected detail, must meet my practical needs and aesthetic and be contemporary, without nostalgia. The facets of the feminine character are varied. The contrasts create charm. Women that have aspects apparently opposite of the personality, women who are full of charm.” Exclusive bags, luxurious, contemporary that become true works of art, all to collect! For info elenaghisellini.com

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