5 new bag brands | super cool and made in Italy

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There are 5, all made in Italy and emerging. Their bags? No, they certainly do not go unnoticed. Discover with us the 5 new brands of bags on which it is really worth betting.

Investing in an emerging brand is always a great idea! It will make your look interesting and refined today and who knows it could become a real must have tomorrow.

Small, maxi, to be carried by hand or over the shoulder: inside them? Everything and more! Even our secrets. They always follow us, they never leave us. In short, bags are the accessory that makes the difference in our style and in our days.

Don’t give up on having a very special one. Discover the 5 bags brands we have selected for you and run to see their creations. You will be spoiled for choice!


A name, a soul and an all-Italian made. Produced exclusively in Tuscany, PAOLI handcrafted all its bags. Quality, attention to detail, fine leathers and the timeless charm of timeless elegance are just some of the excellent ingredients of the brand’s creations. From micro bags to trunks, PAOLI knows how to fulfill the wishes of every woman with his bags. A brand that with freshness and innovation renews and signs the typical beauty of made in Italy: absolutely not to be missed!


Founded by the Umbrian designer of the same name, Virginia Severini is the bag brand that stands out for its clear and recognizable style. The long artisan processes make these creations absolutely unique and inimitable. In fact, contemporary taste is combined with the manual skills of accessories made according to Italian art and tradition. Buckets, clutches, handbags experiment with different materials and shapes, mixing leather, brass, wood, colors. Real little works of art to wear.


Style and functionality, a perfect combination. The very young Chiara Daverio bag brand has made one of the most loved accessories by women not only elegant but also versatile and comfortable. No compromises, but everything you need combined in the right way. The creations are made with fine processed calfskin mixed with other fabrics, such as silk inserts, where the variety and fantasy of the colors create fun games of contrasts. Chiara Daverio bags are perfect for those who want beauty with added value. Charming, fresh and elegant.


From the capital directly to the wardrobe of all women! The Sahara Roma bags, with their style, leave their mark. Unique, handmade pieces, caskets of a very precious savoire-faire. Contemporary aesthetics, clean geometry and graphics come together with a precise study of shapes and an accurate research of materials, such as wood and plexiglass. Exclusive and iconic bags that take inspiration from classical Roman architecture and Nature. Expression of a modern craftsmanship completely made in Italy!


Tradition, modernity, innovation, beauty. All in one brand, Kilesa. Born in 2014 from the passion and experience of the entrepreneur Bianca Imbimbo, Kilesa tells a living world of strength, elegance, courage. A clean and sophisticated aesthetic accompanies all the women who choose and will choose Kilesa to face their day with style. A handcrafted product made with art and care for the environment, attention to style and details. Iconic models, clean lines and an essential design that plays with colors and gives exclusivity to your looks.

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