5 eco friendly brands | the future of fashion is green

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Respect and love for the environment are no longer an option of choice but rather a priority for those who produce and also for those who buy. The urgency of change, safeguarding the planet, greater sensitivity and awareness have led many brands to question themselves and experiment with alternative methods and materials.

We have selected for you 5 eco friendly brands that you absolutely must know. Latest generation brands, all made in Italy, which with a contemporary appeal and a refined style have managed to mix and combine fashion, beauty and sustainability in their style. A challenge (won) all green!


Pineapple, is thus called one of the most interesting capsules signed by Fuscra. Four different models, including shopper bags and clutches that interpret the bag in an absolutely new way. After the use of wood, iconic material of the emerging brand of bags, the material now experiments with new dimensions simulating the skin in a green way and inspired by pineapple: many rhombuses, unexpectedly soft to the touch, obtained thanks to the ancient technique of origami . The designer and founder of the brand, Morena Scrascia, has always made sustainability an essential feature of her exclusive collections.


From vintage garments to sartorial and contemporary pieces. The designer Yekaterina Ivankova, founder of her namesake brand, recovers and transforms old clothes giving life to new ones. Made in Italy is mixed in the inspirations of Central Asia and its Kazan origins. In addition to denim, an inevitable element in her creations is the Ikat fabric, a combo of technique and nature. Creative freedom, the union of different textures, upcycling make her collections unique and avant-garde, as well as green. To be noted? Her original trench coats!


Can a precious jewel be eco sustainable? The answer after discovering Stkreo can only be yes. Tailoring architectures are built on a sought after substance: in the scraps of the skin, the founder & designer Stefania Tortella finds her treasure, intuition and the material that will lead her to the creation of her wonderful jewels. The leather is recovered, reworked, transformed into collar necklaces, ruffs, large hand-painted bracelets in a bio jewel architecture.


Its bags hide a secret ingredient. The mix of colors and the different models of Adelaide C.’s smart, exclusive and multifunctional accessories are made with a very special material if associated with the bag, cork. Yes, the revolution of this brand starts from here but does not stop, even reaching the pineapple leaves. A revolution of style and thought for a woman who tries to stand out by wearing an aesthetically beautiful and ethically correct brand on her arm (but also on her shoulder or at the waist).


The best natural certified materials meet the good taste of a minimal style inspired by design and architecture. With Bav Tailor, luxury is not only exclusive and tailored, but also eco friendly. The collections dress a conscious woman who seeks a language in fashion to express herself and stand out with harmony. A brand absolutely to be discovered!

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