5 genderless brands | fluidity of style and gender

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A fluid style that puts the person at the center. Female or male? Female and male. Garments that go beyond declinations, instead leaving room for different, increasingly personal interpretations. Many Italian and non-Italian brands have chosen to build their imagination on the agenda. A free style, alive with contaminations, where preconceptions are brought down in the name of a unique and sexless wardrobe. A trend, a philosophy, a thought that is influencing many different realities such as those of the 5 genderless brands that we have selected for you. Curious to find out who I am?


The first of the 5 genderless brands that we suggest is really interesting and very young. Founded by the talented Camilla Carrara, Zerobarracento is an emerging brand of outerwear made in Italy, eco sustainable and genderless. Creations with a minimal and essential style, soft in volume and perfect for all those who are looking for an exclusive, tailored and high quality garment. Made with the Zero Waste technique, the Zerobarracento are independent of gender and occasions of use. Their oversized shapes, not constrained by buttons or zippers, are combined with different silhouettes leaving the body free to express its personality.


From the beginning, Edithmarcel has given space in its creations to deep reflections such as those on the genre. By carefully studying different shapes, volumes and lengths, the young 100% made in Italy clothing brand has designed garments capable of dressing the male and female bodies. Born from the collaboration between Andrea Masato and Gianluca Ferracin, Edithmarcel mixes garments and textures in contrast creating a style of its own where the genderless character is omnipresent. The overlaps, logos, technical materials, the workwear world but also the tailoring and exclusivity of a refined elegance… Edithmarcel has managed with its own identity to create a genderless fashion.

Luca Berioli

Among the 5 genderless brands we cannot fail to mention Luca Berioli. His sneakers are always one step ahead. Colorful, designed, unique, Luca Berioli shoes are customizable and truly exclusive. The comfort of the sneakers is combined with an aesthetic that dares and that stands out for its style and avant-garde. Through upcycling and lots of art, Luca Berioli mix iconic and clean shapes with paints, colors, applications. No gender restrictions but only creations ready to be worn with such personality!


A brand, a constantly evolving concept that looks curious to the future and does not come to terms with old clichés. Art, music, design … lifestyles mix in creations that go beyond trends, genres, ages. In a game of shapes and volumes, Sunnei makes simplicity its trump card. The high quality of the fabrics and the great research that moves this very interesting brand makes the Sunnei collections contemporary as their inspirations that do not come from the past but from the creative ferment of the present. A clothing brand absolutely to write down!


The purity of the forms meets the softness of the leather in handcrafted bags and accessories made in Sicily. Exclusive pieces that rediscover the beauty of handmade and local traditions, moving away from the speed of mass-produced homologating products. Among the five genderless brands SPAZIOiF and its transformable and multifunctional bags. Accessories that dress the body naturally, making every movement practical thanks to the construction of handles and tailored cuts. The iconic backpacks change their look and function becoming a bag but also a vest: an experimental and innovative approach that makes SPAZIOiF creations unique in their free genre.

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