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A new page of Italian goldsmith art is written and bears the name of Acchitto. Seduction and ardor, the brand describes a lustful and fearless romanticism with the elegance of its inimitable jewels.

Elena Faccio and Francesca Richiardi, two sides of the same coin, cultivate passion and aspiration for beauty, for the precious, for the unusual and so, just like this in March 2018 Acchitto was born. A name destined to echo among the most intimate emotions, such as the dong of a pendulum clock; its design, faithful does not make itself await but ceaselessly amazes.

The designers tell of a rare sensibility: with the support of the hands of skilled craftsmen, hands that have the marks of the heritage of a superfine art, a historical art that is the one of Italian jewellery, they shape the gold plated brass.

Not a bijoux, but a poem of avant-garde and tradition, of technology and craftsmanship. The maison hisses with lavish crystals a abundant beauty, opulent and longing for desire.

Word after word, page after page, the inspiration is clear: faces. The thousand faces that we take on with the rising of the day, the thousand faces that we leave behind with the warm lights of the sunset. The Sicilian and Venetian Mori, the lucky, the brave, the lover: they are the protagonists of the story signed Acchitto. Each shape, each color speaks of a legend, whose soul, which morals flows vividly in necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

Charming  and of an uncontainable flair, the creations of the brand inherit sumptuousness and pomp from the typical teste di Moro of the Belpaese but also reveal a confidential touch, a sensitive soul.

Noble shapes and materials that bring back the charm of distant countries and virtuous eras that are lost nowdays. The line of Acchitto overflows with research, quality and a completely eclectic style. The choice so peculiar of the name itself circumscribes a multiplicity of meanings that align with one another to the point of giving rise to bewitching ornaments, intriguing in all their nuances. Jewels by the charm that captures at first glance, jewels that blur the boundaries between art and fashion.

The models can be decomposed and recomposed thanks to the exclusive iconic mechanism patented by the brand that allows you to combine different structures to your liking, and here is that each jewel is reborn in the hands of those who keep it.

Dreamy and cheerful, the accessories by Acchitto reveal a vintage allure that looks upon tomorrow, to preserve theirselves eternally in every future life.

Elegant finishes, blazing nuances and imposing volumes surround a sublime aesthetic, designed for those who love to reinvent themselves, for those who have learned the art of becoming infatuated day after day with their new self. Discover the Acchitto jewels.

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