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Adelaide C. is the encounter that doesn’t renounce ethics nor aesthetics, established in 2014 from the vision of the young Sardinian fashion designer Adelaide Carta. Her attention to ecological, vegan materials weaves into the values of Sardinia’s culture, that stand out in cork details and traditional prints, all interpreted with avant-garde features, clean shapes and decisive colours.

Coming from the conviction that elegance and respect for the environment can live harmoniously together: accessories are created that deepen their roots into their territory in order to look far ahead, towards a fashion world that is independent in style and that contributes to change. The brand has obtained all the certifications for ethical fashion: Animal Free-LAV, Fur Free Retailer and PETA.

Adelaide Carta, the Sardinian fashion designer of class 1988, from the very beginning felt the need to find a sustainable, artisan solution that wouldn’t sacrifice the sophisticated contemporary styleof her accessories or lose the quality standard of Italian manufacture.

“I believe that fashion, in effect, is the only way through which a great part of our personality can express itself and shout something in a low voice, but more than anything in a free and independent manner.”

Adelaide C’s distinctive signature is the innovative use of cork faced onto sporty, animal free materialsthat get renewed season after season in their working techniques, in their prints and designs, that anyhow remain synonymous with an elegance without time. Different shapes, sizes and details combine in exclusive pieces that are always perfect for the woman that wishes to distinguish herself and divert from the mainstream. Colours and contrasts come together in a refined but comfortable style: geometric lines dictate the confines of bags ideal from morning to evening, to be carried in the hand or as super-comfortable shoulder bags. A play on style and balance (that gets achieved, for sure!) that moves through the essentiality of volumes, deep material research, functionality and the aesthetic sense of the creations.

Vegan, cruelty free and eco-compatible, the bags signed Adelaide Carta are handmade in Italy with Mediterranean cork combined with eco leather. A true and actual style revolution, a true green fashion that talks about style, culture, ethics and…innovation. It is innovation.Choose your Adelaide C. bag  HERE!

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