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We all have one, but like theirs… no, there is none at all! The quality, elegance and sustainability come together in the beauty of a single garment, or better, outerwear, Alipinta.

Emerging brand made in Italy born in Sardinia in 2015, Alipinta bet everything and everything on the creation of a single product, the women’s coat, declined in different models and volumes. Tailored pieces, exclusive or in limited series, destined to last over time, style icons ready to be mixed with versatility to your looks.

A lot of passion, a great desire to do and the sound of a sewing machine that traces the destiny of Elisabetta with her stitches… the beginning of a story, the birth of a new talented brand. So, inspired by the iconic form of the hood, the first Alipinta coat is born: a comfortable fit, three-quarter sleeves, welt pockets, the practicality of not having the armhole and therefore being able to wear it on jackets and thick sweaters. A combo of elements and ideas that leave the woman free to dress with style but also comfortable ease.

The authentically Italian brand embraces an eco-sustainable ethic and chooses to stand out starting from the finest materials, researching and selecting fabrics in the most important wool mills. Inspired by the great sartorial tradition of Sardinia, the mother earth of the brand, the Alipinta coats escape from the noise of trends and last over time. For beauty and quality.

Each outwear item is solely the reflection of itself: a unique piece in trms of combinations, fabrics, buttons and colors. The liners are made exclusively for the brand and represent with their designs the grapevines and grapes. The FW 2019-20 collection has as its theme the wine and the owners of four important Sardinian wineries, testimonials of this particular season: extraordinary women who bring to excellence an ancient activity linked to their land in an innovative and contemporary way.

Colored coats wrap the feminine forms with soft elegance, without any constraint. Refinement, elegance, sophisticated simplicity … all in one garment, all in one coat: discover the warm creations Alipinta.

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