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Missing a few days to start AltaRoma, the Roman fashion week that from 29 to 31 January this will animate the Ex Dogana San Lorenzo, the new location by the industrial landscape and contemporary. And we Ob-Fashion we are ready to experience three full days of fashion shows and events. Along with famous designers like Curiel, Nino Lettieri, Antonella Rossi, Renato Balestra, Luigi Borbone many young emerging designers that for us are the real protagonists. Thursday 28 the pre-opening of the fashion week will be the third edition of New Designer at Coin Excelsior with the fashion show by Quattromani and exhibitions of Avanblanc, Catherine de’ Medici 1533Elena Ghisellini, Federica Berardelli, L72, Giancarlo Petriglia.We will start on Friday 29 with the fashion show by L72, winner Who is on Next ? 2015, to be followed Miao Ran, finalist Who is on Next ? 2015. In the afternoon Portfolio Review where students, designers already active collections and craftsmen will have the chance to show their work to Sara Maino, Senior Editor Vogue Italia e Vogue Talents. Saturday 30 Greta Boldini present “Indecent Beauty” collection ,then follows Luca Sciascia with “Promise me” and in the afternoon the exhibition of the finalists accessories category Who Is On Next? 2015 : Avanblanc, Bams, Catherine de Medici 1533, Giannico. At the conclusion of these three days we will devote ourselves to young talent fashion show by Giuseppe Di Morabito, finalist Who Is On Next? 2015. Do you want to share this experience with us? Follow us on twitter, instagram e facebook! Keep in touch!

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