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Scheduled for tonight the inauguration of New Designer At Coin Excelsior, an event organized by Altaroma in collaboration with Coin Excelsior to present to the public the new emerging Italian talent. The seven selected designers will exhibit the collection Spring / Summer 2016 in the store on Via Cola di Rienzo: Avanblanc, Catherine de’ Medici 1533, Elena Ghisellini, Federica Berardelli, Giancarlo Petriglia, L72 e Quattromani that also present the Fall / Winter 2016- 2017 a unmissable show-performance.

ObFashion present New Designer at Coin Excelsior

“With this partnership Altaroma confirms its key role in expanding market opportunities for emerging talent by encouraging, in collaboration with Coin Excelsior, an immediate and concrete link between the new generation and the commercial realities of the leading nationwide distribution” said Adriano Franchi, Director General of Altaroma.

During the inauguration and in the following weeks will be able to buy in the department store on Via Cola di Rienzo, 173 preview a selection of products of seven designers.

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