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Ambra Castello, born in 1993, so young yet full of an overflowing baggage of consolidated experiences and worthy awards. The designer brings her truths, brings her reflections and her voice; she starts exactly from herself and creates Ambra Castello, the homonym brand of clothing and accessories that makes the hi-tech elegance its key to reading.

Born specifically on August 3rd of this year, the brand has already left its imprint, and continues to advance with a fast pace in the fashion world. A universe pregnant of contrasts: the purity evoked by the nuances of the garments, the lightness of the fabrics combined with the comfortable cuts and a sporty style … an unusual, unexpected but surprising encounter.

Through the models of the brand, the tradition of Italian craftsmanship continues to flourish, but with a different flavor, a new taste: the peculiar mastery of our local handmade, so much coveted beyond the boundaries, blends in with alternative technical materials and sought-after processes of production.

An oasis of asymmetries, transparencies, oversized volumes and vertiginous splits. The designer conceives a femininity that speaks for itself, a femininity that manages to emerge from the minimal lines of skirts or trousers, a modern femininity that does not aspire to sensuality but seduces, enchants without showing off.

The creations are unique and rare tailored pieces that dress curves, designed for those who love to stand out, for those who pursue the exceptional and the exception. Thus, Ambra Castello, embellish the modern woman with customizable garments upon request, made entirely by hand; it is detached from the concept of mass-produced products but on the contrary uses its polished design to give life to contemporary wearable works of art.

Blooming and luxuriant, the silhouettes are romanticized but remain wearable and comfy: the sporty-style is reinterpreted with a sophisticated look. The wet effect, the use of nylon, satin, tulle and optical printing is recurrent.

Ambra Castello is synonymous with care, care for detail, care for the environment. It makes itself the spokesman of the attentions and demands that the world, our world needs; so in the wake of an evergreen wind, the maison gives shape to a noble and successful initiative: the models discontinued by the customers of the label can be returned to allow the re-use of the fabrics, the yarn will then be regenerated for the design of new items.

An intelligent, innovative and ethical fashion: this is the appeal of Ambra Castello.

The logo, a QR code, visually speak upon the brand’s innovative soul, in step with the times, with today’s necessities, ready to explore new horizons and experiment without looking back. Don’t linger, enter the universe. Discover her models.

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