AnnaPasser : geometric minimalism and unexpected volumes.

on April 11, 2016 by Laura Pellegrino Leave your thoughts

ANNAPASSER is an emerging brand that is characterized by an apparently minimal style, heavily contaminated by a passion for architecture and technology. Unexpected volumes enhance the silhouette and combine with sophisticated geometric decorations outlining an understated femininity.

Rigorous forms are born from wise combinations of delicate chiffon, organza graceful and heavier fabrics. The colors are basic, primary, essential so as to let out the elegance of the woman wearing the creations Anna Passer.

ANNAPASSER  collections are made entirely in Italy, through the collaboration of the artisan workshops of the most famous sartorial districts. The fabrics are carefully chosen to ensure and certify a loop Made in Italy complete, special attention is given to environmental sustainability and the use of recycled fibers.

For the Spring – Summer 2016 ANNAPASSER proposes dresses made in a single color or color block, skirts, vests and structured jackets. Among voluminous folds and unexpected cuts, refined clothes emerge, ideal for any occasion.

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