Antonella Morgillo | Summer Coast, a sea-flavored collection

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In ancient times the hat was often a symbol of a social status or linked to religious references, today this fashion accessory tells the power of a woman, of women. Antonella Morgillo, synonymous with feminine audacity and great self-awareness, weaves a blue-coloured story into the plots of her new headgear… Summer Coast is the name of the new S/S 2020 collection. The brand’s creations frame a beauty with the scent of salt. The nuances recall the smooth golden skin tanning under the burning August sun while the design shapes timelessly attractive models… The waves of the sea that chase each other and break, creating unique choreographies, the restless foam that shows itself after the sea storm: the brand’s inspiration for this latest release is the summer with its fragrances and its unmistakable colours. Perhaps a sort of veiled homage to her beloved land Caserta, the designer of the homonymous brand Antonella Morgillo sets the Bourbon majesty in unseen pieces capable of immortalizing in their forms horizons as far as near. From the hot season she also borrows names such as the different variations of hues available as foam, sand and ocean. The large volumes emulate with clever flair another undisputed protagonist of the crowded beaches of the Belpaese: the beach umbrella. From such an essential and humble object, the artist’s mind has been able to conceive an icon of style extremely reasoned in materials and constructions, courtly in the quality of the workmanship, in the play of shadows and lights that rest on the face, in its nonchalant charm.

The tones light up but the maison does not abandon the aesthetic that has distinguished its verve since its first works. The decorative embroideries evolve, adorn the visor and flap with remarkable care. The sea depths contain minerals and fragments of rocks, that is how the edging of the hats is embellished with natural, refined and elegant stones. The new collection by Antonella Morgillo is a true excellence of Italian craftsmanship. Exquisite details made entirely by hand sewn hats with small brim or wide brim. A new key to contemporary femininity. The rounded profiles design multiple declinations of today’s womanhood: clean and smooth cuts to interpret a naive masculinity, inherent in the attitude of strong women with great personality, while the soft lines and abundant silhouettes tell of a romantic and poetic soul. In all creations there is a strong nostalgic meaning thanks to the sumptuousness of the dimensions combined with a metropolitan temperament that makes them ideal for the indomitable city aesthete. Crown your beauty, discover now the Antonella Morgillo S/S 2020 collection.

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