Arte Facta | ethics set in precious jewels

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Immortalizing moments, savfoir faire, and elegance is an arduous task that is difficult to achieve, but Arte Facta does not disappoint with its timelessly beautiful creations.

Every jewel, from cut to color, exudes a lustful empowerment. The label, led by the designer Ilaria Quotta, is charged with a keen ethics and a palpable sensibility for the great social questions that dominate the contemporary world.

The story of an ethereal yet determined femininity passes through the expert hands of master craftsmen, pride of Made in Italy pride. The refinement of the materials used, such as nickel-free plated brass, give a suggestive imagery that is new but with an antique charm. Born in 2014, the label is a summary of modernist architecture, elegance and boldness.

Arte Facta exudes honesty but above all awareness of itself and of its surroundings. This mindset gives body to the brand, guiding it from the planning stage and through The desired goal is to educate to a conscious and sustainable consumption. Sustainability, ecological concern for the environmental and social impact are not a luxury but an imperative that the label sets itself and undertakes to respect.

From the union between design and social responsibility, for example, the lucky charm “No planet b” was born, a jewel created to support the Youth Empowerment for Environment Project created by FIDU – Italian Federation of Human Rights Environment and Innovation Commission. The pendant emulates the shape of a cassette and in this symbol it finds a semantic journey full of emotion. To evoke nostalgia, the importance of one’s own history and the love for beauty. Arte Facta has gone/ went further with intelligence into fantasizing a limited edition amulet that arouses the desire to preserve the grandeur of life, starting right from the Planet.

“The cure for everything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” -Karen Blixen

A drop-shaped crystal is set in it to depict a tear and the discomfort caused by the current state of the environment; maintaining it as it has been given to us is a leading responsibility.

Each processing technique is designed and executed by Arte Facta in a responsible manner: the highly refined and sought-after materials are enhanced in every little nuance, any waste is in fact manipulated, according to the standard of perfection inherent in Italian craftsmanship, to resume life in new jewels.

The stones, used in each of their parts, make the different designs precious, making them even more exclusive. Amazonite, red jasper, hematite, mother-of-pearl and pyrite are majestically set in regal design with clean lines of pendants, necklaces and rings to make the woman shine with sophisticated elegance.

Don’t linger, let yourself be conquered by the Arte Facta jewels.

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