ATPCAL | a brand with an atypical charm!

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Different, out of place, or perhaps special, inimitable, too far from the norm to be understood … how many times have we felt atypical? ATPCAL breaks the mold and redefines the concept of “abnormal” by making uniqueness the strength of every designed backpack.

Two minds, one passion, a work of art. In 2018 in Bologna, Christian Righetti and Carla Negro transformed an already started personal project of him, into an unusual and revolutionary formula: ATPCAL was born. The brand is fed by the tuning of the two, a symmetrical harmony that gives life to scrupulous shapes and new contrasts of refined textures and vivid colors.

Design as well as the creative process behind each product deviate from what has already been seen in the fashion scene. The brand presents itself with proposals out of the ordinary, atipical for the note. Christian shows off a figurative and an important experiential background that he pours into the conception of a transversal, practical and above all, authentic accessory.

The inspiration? The people, the faces, the needs. The characteristic design of the backpacks is a veiled and refined reverberation of people’s desires: men and women can now find in ATPCAL an impeccable combination of functionality and marked aesthetic sense.

The prestige of Italian craftsmanship flows unperturbed in every cut and stitching. The non-random choice to rely on local laboratories makes the production of the brand’s creations even more valuable.

Real handcrafted artifacts with green hues. Christian and Carla are true sculptors of ecofriendly works. A strong responsibility towards the environment is what quietly directs the creation of each model, the label makes the circular economy its motto. It will be surprising that all backpacks are conceived by manipulating unused materials of the textile industry considered too old or imperfect. Thus the gaze of ATPCAL goes further, allowing itself to be enchanted by the magic of a tender charm and letting an unconventional beauty be flourished again. The careful selection of the raw material found in Prato, a renowned textile district, and the care that surrounds each stage of production are the winning weapons. The chosen counter-trend of using and giving new life to fabrics left behind the shadow by those who didn’t know how to love their flaws makes each creation unique and exclusive.

The clean lines and compact shapes of the backpacks are celebrated by genuine combinations of witty colorways and purposeful textures. The colorful hot-stamped logo on leather, the yellow tape, the red zipper, the big black zip, the coated cotton, the polyester and the leather trim generate an allusive scenario that fervently walks into the volumes of the bags.

A modern arithmetic, the colors add up to atypical codes generating polyhedral interlocking. A unisex style, irreverent and at the same time classic, perfect to accompany the sinuous silhouette of a woman or the powerful hand of a man, nuances and playful motifs to express a carefree youth and dark solid colors for a more mature soul. Instinct and rationality come together in an imaginative pas de deux, softness and robustness, elegant visuals and functional details.

Don’t conform, break the rules with the ATPCAL backpacks: discover the new collection!

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