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Avril8790: precious metals, high knitwear, innovative techniques and … the jewelry is made. Easy? No. But genuine and zero kilometer, yes. In fact behind this new adornment aesthetics are hidden hands and thoughts entirely Made in Italy. Young, cutting-edge technologies, but rightly rooted in the traditional Italian quality, invincible.

Francesco Menci and Maria Elena Sanarelli are the creators of this different brand. In their coffers, the family treasures, knowledge: processing of precious metals for him, the production of excellent knitwear for her. Children of a creativity destined to evolve into a completely unique formula: Avril 8790. Born in Arezzo, with an educational background in the arts and the experience of a year in Milan, have the insight to blend their cultural baggage, developing so a project sui generis, resulting in a dress jewel. Yes the hardness of the metal fits now perfectly with the softness of jersey.

The art pervades the Avril8790 jewels in its entirety. From inspiration to realization, from brass to viscose threads. Craftsmanship, quality, manufacturing: pieces of a cured product, studied in design but first of all in his subject. The sharp cuts, edgy necklaces, certified brass collar and nickel free, as of sculpture bracelets, find their perfect complement in the viscose softness, you can wipe with a dry-cleaning, designed with the embossed technique.

The opposition that becomes unexpectedly interlocking, located in Avril8790 his leitmotif, his secret recipe. The metal light gold 24 carat or silver finds contrast and emphasis in blue, red, black, white, green of fabrics. Two minds, two experiences, two halves … but only one jewel. For info avril8790.it

Giulia Fucile

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