BGBL | from used balls to luxury accessories

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BGBL, the bags that bounce between sport and fashion, between vintage and modernity. Yes, because this very Italian brand, founded just over a year ago in Treviso by Doriano Ottavian and Elisabetta Viola, has transformed used basketballs into its brand new hallmark.

The sensitivity and great attention to the environment, found in reuse and recycling, make BGBL not only a brand of bags with an exclusive and innovative design but an example of eco-friendly Made in Italy.

Each BGBL bag tells a story it has been carrying for some time: it is a unique piece where the balls used and withdrawn by sports clubs, to which the brand gives new ones in return, are an integral part of the accessory itself, hand-cut, sewn and united by hand with fine leathers.

For him, for her. BGBLs are original, green and … genderless. Functional and suitable for both women and men, they avoid labels and categories in the name of a new style. An athleisure spirit runs through a collection characterized by a mix and match of fine materials such as the highest quality leather and the upcycling of recycled materials.

Backpacks, buckets, hand bags mix the exclusivity of craftsmanship and the unique piece traditionally handmade with sport and with a gritty urban and contemporary style, giving life to an innovative vision of luxury. Versatile and multi-functional, the BGBLs are designed for their high quality materials and for their iconic and clean shapes that will last over time. To these models is added the large shopping bag that closes by inserting one of the handles inside the other: a high-performance and resistant product, made with waste fabrics no longer used to create military uniforms, hence the name of the RE-MILITARY line.

Discover the BGBL creations and choose to dress in style without ever forgetting the importance of the environment!

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