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This is not the cliché of the traditional “And they all lived happily ever after” but rather a modern “Once upon a time” with bold hues: this is the story of Biancad’Ottobre wedding dresses.

The tight fit of the mermaid dresses, the suffocating bustiers embroidered with stones and the massive princely trains leave room for minimalist carvings and the rare gracefulness of precious fabrics that abandon themselves on the slender curves of every Biancad’Ottobre bride. In the hems of its dresses are woven hopes that do not aspire to a happy ending but to the enjoyment of small daily joys, the enjoyment of the first act. Wedding wear and prêt-à-porter have never been better together. Yes, the brand’s creations are not destined to be bound in solitude in the bottom of the closet and then rise again with the ritual browsing of the photo album. The brand conceives models that can be worn outside the ceremonial context and can be shown off on many occasions. A gentle appeal to eco-sustainability that starts from an all Made in Italy vocation.

“Compose, customize, wear.”

The mind behind this modern fairy tale? Valentina Abbate, founder and designer, is undoubtedly known for her artistic career in the accessories industry, but she has decided to bring her creativity and genius to perfection by creating not one-piece but modular and interchangeable garments that can be combined as you please. The very name of the brand reveals the intimate vision that is hidden in every sketch, in every piece: it speaks of a love, it speaks of a priceless treasure, of her daughter Bianca who came into the world in October 2018.

This is how design evolves, reaches unknown horizons and traces the imprints for an ethical fashion in the name of reuse and environmental responsibility… A narrative that navigates beyond the confines of impeccable seams or the courtly silhouettes of garments, but resonates in the infinite series of possible compositions. The lady Biancad’Ottobre will be able, for example, to propose once again the elegant blouse in a grand soiree to relive the great beauty.

Born exactly in July 2019, the brand describes a cosmopolitan, refined woman lover pragmatic solutions. Between a veil of chiffon, layers of lace and macramé and luxurious smooth silk, a contemporary glamour blossoms. For a style that must be able to accommodate the needs of those who make it their own identity, but above all to but above all to give the perfect dress to crown a new life without losing heart because of exaggerated prices and without losing the quality that only Italian luxury can grant. Step by step crossing the aisle wrapped in the desire of a whole childhood, wrapped in fabrics that create sublime choreographies around the figure. The aesthetic satisfies strong, self-confident and unapologetic women but whispers romance in the sinuous movements of the wide skirts, mikado palace trousers, lace and cady shirts. Like the enchantment of love at first sight, the lace bodices with puffed sleeves are reborn in sudden low necklines and the tulle hides seductive sheath dresses that reveal the body without showing it completely.

Handcrafted tailoring, a taste that recalls the charm of the old days with essential shapes in volumes and accommodating forms … dedicate a love poem to yourself, dedicate a Biancad’Ottobre garment  to yourself.

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