Ob-Session of the day | boho chic, the style that will dominate the new season

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Boho chic: the free style all! Rules and Conventions? No thanks. But rather overlays, prints, mix of fabrics and details. For a fancy look and of course style … boho chic style. And even though the summer is over and the flower knobs are just a reminder of a nostalgic mid-summer night, the boho chic will not leave us this winter.

Between fluctuating garments and lightweight materials, between delicate shades and ethnic touches, prepare to dress this winter a little hippie, a little elegant … a bit boho chic! From the transparencies to the fur, from embroidery to velvet woman Greta Boldini is a regimental bohemian, female, rich in patos as much as allure. Above the lines, out of the lines: so Morfosis reinterprets the spirit of artist of a non-imposing trend, where flowers, checkers and animalier can find a boho chic hilarious balance.

Fabric painters are the looks proposed by Arnoldo][Battois as the contemporary outfits signed by Marianna Cimini, delicate lines of a decisive character. And then the white, pure, embroidered maxi dress, in perfect boho chic mood, absolutely modern in the t-shirt plus romantic skirt by Melampo.

Baroque and hand-sewn applications for Akhal Tekè shoes, as well as the precious Damico Milano, irresistible in the ankle boots version. Stretched, gritty but with that vintage aftertaste that always conquers our hearts are the creations signed Anca Stetco …not to be missed! Folk trend for Mjus shoes that seem to bring us back to the bohemian and nonconformist world of the early twentieth century. And handbags give space to fantasy: pearls, feathers, fringes and chains … from Ioanna Solea to Laura Fed the ethnic is looking for and fashionable.

Direction? Boho chic. Unable to get out without, yes. If you are always looking for that particular thing that makes a difference you can not give up jewels. Susana Texeira‘s art and Portugal, the exciting “imperfections” of Maya Sabbatini‘s sculptures, the sinuous design of Riva Jewels. To you the choice, to you your … boho chic!

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