Alipinta is a young brand born in Sardinia, specialized in the production of women’s outerwear. From the very beginning the company has aimed to achieve a quality product, both in production and in materials, with a particular focus on sustainability. Sardinia, land of great sartorial tradition, was the inspiration and starting point for creating models that will last over time, with a style that is recognizable right away and ideal for the needs of today’s women. Each Alipinta garment is sartorially made in Italy. The entirely “Made in Italy” supply chain is an assurance of quality, elegance and sustainability. The fabrics are selected in the most important Italian and international wool mills to develop the highest quality outerwear possible. The creations of Alipinta are hand-finished item produced in limited series or unique pieces: this guarantees meticulous attention to every single detail of our products and a superior fit.

The linings of their coats have a design that represents the wine and the grapes, made exclusively by the graphic studio “Ideame”. This year collection has been dedicated to the theme of wine and to the women who make it. Six of them are the wonderful testimonials of this season coats. Extraordinary women, tied to tradition but with a very strong innovative force that were able to transform into an international excellence an ancient activity of their land. And this is a tribute to them.

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  • Alipinta Calù Green Coat green

    Calù Green Coat

  • Alipinta Calù Grey Coat grey

    Calù Grey Coat

  • Alipinta Calù Red Coat red

    Calù Red Coat