ATPCAL is sustainability, nonstop research, identity, assortment of materials and craftsmanship quality. Each accessory comes from the selection of new fabrics and materials left unused. Sustainability because no new fabrics are produced, so that precious natural resources are not exploited. Identity because the extreme variety of fabrics creates exclusive and unique accessories. An innovative approach to functional objects produced in Italy with exclusive Italian materials.

Founded in 2018 by business partners Cristian Righetti and Carla Negro, ATPCAL researches and transforms new fabrics and linings, coming from surpluses of the Italian textile manufacturing sector. Each material is selected, checked and then paired to create unique and creative combinations in an explosion of color and design.
The collections do not necessarily follow the seasons but are born throughout the course of the year inspired by the materials and items available. Made in Italy in the north region of Emilia Romagna in limited quantities for unconventional collections.

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  • Sale! Atpcal Asphalt Texture backpack brown

    Asphalt Texture Backpack

    139.00 111.20
  • Sale! Atpcal Black Tune backpack black

    Black Tune Backpack

    129.00 103.20
  • Sale! Atpcal Cardinal Song backpack red

    Cardinal Song Backpack

    129.00 103.20
  • Sale! Atpcal Cloudy Sky backpack grey

    Cloudy Sky Backpack

    139.00 111.20
  • Sale! Atpcal Goldfinger backpack gold

    Goldfinger Backpack

    129.00 103.20
  • Sale! Atpcal Hazelnut Taste backpack brown

    Hazelnut Taste Backpack

    139.00 111.20
  • Sale! Atpcal Hologram backpack black

    Hologram Backpack

    169.00 135.20
  • Sale! Atpcal Infinity backpack grey

    Infinity Backpack

    129.00 103.20
  • Sale! Atpcal Mini Hologram backpack black

    Mini Hologram Backpack

    159.00 127.20
  • Sale! Atpcal Sweet Brownies backpack brown

    Sweet Brownies Backpack

    139.00 111.20